Only Son Hospitality Feel Some of It

Only Son Hospitality Feel Some of It – College students was synonymous with a young child who is struggling to dig science to fight in the world of work tomorrow. but in addition a child to college is their freedom, because it was 18+, already determine the future life is like, has become an adult human figure that can account for every laughter and tears in his life

Children who study in hospitality is also the same. they feel the same way. But beyond that similarity, we have had some sense that must be passed to a person who can make parents in tears of happiness. Here we are children of hospitality, this is some of what we feel, beyond the others see.

1. Subject hospitality for?

This is the question most often come to the ears of children who are studying hospitality, “You hospitality lecture was for what?”. Starting from friends, relatives, up to the parents may also ask the same thing. It looks like they are worried about the future, when it took a subject named, HOSPITALITY.

2. STPB: High School Assistant Certified.

Furthermore, there are rambling “study hard difficult, expensive expensive, the tip ends so babu too right?” | Heh, it seems like people like brain tissue created for use in the 15th century, not suitable in use in this millennium era. Presidenpun is also the waiter, waitress for the community, the police are the servants, the judges also gave the service, just like a child hospitality, providing services.

Babu was for those who work using the brain alone, do not use the brain and heart. Kids hospitality difficulty learning about the psychology service, communication, until the language to be able to provide the best services, and the use of the brain and heart. So, if you want to upgrade the brain first assume.

3. Hotel? definitely take care of something negative.

It also ya, thinking very, very narrow, consider the hospitality is something to do with the negatives. If your brain is negative, not have brought brought to the work of the dong. If you want negative people, working in the Department of religions, could be corruption in kementian religions also exist, right? If we want to be good, it’s always working at the hotel could be a blessing to live dealer.

Because it is not a job that makes people so negative, but the mindset. Tourism is managed by professional, college just not easy.

4. Definitely a great cook ya when kids hospitality, lulusnya so chef.

Most of watching soap operas ya like this, easy for me to conclude, brain is not trained to be critical. The hotel, there are at least seven departments, and a children’s hospitality at some campuses will choose a concentration, specialization, or majors according to interest us, no Front Office, Housekeeping, F & B Product, F & B Service, Marketing, Acounting, HRD, until ingkin to departmental loundry , Now, children can cook it take F & B product specialization, it is only on for longer, able to Hot and Cold Kitchen, or you Pastry Bakery, complicated deh.

So, if the child is inferred hospitality can cook and so cheef all, the message, do not often frequent watching soap operas or FTV.

5. lectures to learn make the beds just not you think?

is just the same as the number four, concluding that indiscriminate. IN the present era is not always just sell hotel rooms only, the hotel could sell F & B as the strength of his hotel, a meeting room for MICE activities, or other entertainment.

So, the hotel is not identical to the room and the bed, did he learn about the hospitality children, especially children, but not forever House Keeping children ngurusin hotel room.

6. I think college is easy deh, so just like that just like him.

Subject KoG easy, it’s easy to sleep lying down at home. While still in college, majoring in any kind like that, there must be a difficult side, the same hospitality college premises. Learning Communication Studies, psychology services, studying hospitality management, too, learned arithmetic count for children acounting, learning marketing, learning several languages, child Food and Beverage will learn in the kitchen, ranging from engineering knifing, or using a knife, kind of spices, seasonings and terminology, art merasik food, dead aja in the kitchen, could be on fire alive if one bit, not to mention the children’s pastry and bakery, once bantet bread, ngulang go again, until the idiot deh.

The point of learning in hospitality was not as easy as you’re thinking man!

7. Well, college is expensive. But it works so maid in a hotel alone.

Expensive? Your guess when we practice in the kitchen cut chicken or beef that is made of rubber? or the practice of cleaning the room that let computer use like playing games? learn to give the best service in the classroom? NO NO NO, Campus hospitality must have laboratory Kitchen and it was not cheap, Laboratory of Pastry, Laboratory restaurant should be like restaurants in general, complete with equipment ranging from all kinds of plate, knife, fork, goblet and all, Laboratory Housekeeping, Laundry and all that is in the hotel. It takes a large capital bung, so it is natural that it is not a hospitality school tuition cost.

After graduating child will forever hospitality not wrestle in the world, better to do than in the hotel too much, and not always going to be a worker, hospitality child can create their own hotel or restaurant minimal.

8. Ability to communicate.

Mhhh, a little more sure he is, but in the hotel there is work ahead, met with the guest or guests, and there are behind the scenes. If the communication problems seem almost all jobs require, but language skills had to be owned by the job desknya always interacting with guests, for those who work rarely or never interact with the guests too much language skills alarming, perhaps like in acounting, no store or purchasing, human resources department, which does the job desknya not relate to guests, so although there are some great hotels and international chains must and requires all line employees must master a foreign language, minimal English.

9. It acts inside the building cool in the air-conditioned room, wearing a suit, cool I guess.

These people rarely rarely seems to play to hotel, if seringpun possible only if there is an invitation to the hotel, so just see it delicious delish. It looks bung, suit, or clothing that super duper cool, like in the film, in the air conditioned room, building luxury, behind it all, there are some side “mess” hotel which indeed will be seen when you become a person in the first, or working in the hotel. Since it is unlikely the hotel will feature something bad, good, or inappropriate to their guests or external parties. All have a bad side too.

10. Children hospitality they were ready to sweat into rupiah.

Mau in any department in a hotel, there was virtually no job lightly-lightly or can be done by reading comics, children’s hospitality are those who always sweat, worked hard to make the sheets rupiah. in Front Office, demanded always fresh, smiling, answered every question at a strange desire strange, that nothing is taught in college, let alone GRO, or Guest Relation Officer, already deh, not going nyantai if the hotel was crowded. Son of marketing, sales targets have to chase rooms and F & B, children’s kitchen must work with high concentrations, the child must be able to chase house keeping kejarang with time. Again no casual work in the hotel, hospitality son is a hard worker.

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